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The Whole Story


Arlene Maitland started Whole Yoga & Mindfulness amid lockdown in 2020 after returning to the U.K. from an expat adventure spanning ten years and four countries.

As a qualified Chartered Accountant with ten years experience in Corporate Banking and ten more as a Stay at Home Mum, Arlene literally and figuratively found her 'flow', when she was on a yoga mat. Having successfully completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2017, Arlene taught yoga in Kuwait and immersed herself in further study. She is currently studying a Masters in Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses in the University of Bangor.

Arlene teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation in her local community. Much of her time is spent in schools sharing these disciplines with children and staff. Practised safely, with intention, sincerity and integrity, yoga & mindfulness can confer numerous physical and physiological benefits and offer new ways of dealing with stress.

The intention with which you practice these ancient disciplines is much more important than the form or brand you choose. Often, students contort their bodies into poses with little regard for their well-being or safety, or engage in mindfulness without really understanding their reasons for doing so.

How you feel in the pose is what matters. If you're feeling it, you're doing it!

Arlene encourages you to understand your intentions for practising and to become aware of bodily sensations, thoughts and emotions as you move and breathe. Developing these core skills of introspection and interoception enables you to focus attention, build awareness and gain insights into your patterns of behaviour and coping strategies when difficulty is encountered in life.

Arlene is passionate about sharing these disciplines to help people find new ways of dealing with stress, and to promote happiness, health and longevity.

Arlene lives in St Andrews, Scotland with her husband, Andrew, and their three children, Rory, Euan and Mairi. 

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